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Hello, this is Trevor, a qualified Panel Beater from K Kustom Refinishers welcoming you to my blog. Welcome to another Energising scene of, tips and stunts what we overcame this, time round is pounding strategies as, requested by the courteous fellow’s motor racing group

how you can utilize hammer in, different approaches to get diverse desired, effects trust you appreciate it guys, got this harmed back entryway lonely, rust yet, in addition, gouges again so got this, massive extraordinary

huge mark here going on you, can see where it’s some it’s gone into, the back of it put a serious pleasant little, dent in the rear of our as we move along, we

can see there’s another scratch just, there getting in light a littler dent, there and afterwards, we have a like a crease, edge and where you got the most almighty, dent here ideally you

can see that in, the light now huge imprint like this very large dent, not that profound genuinely shallow yet let me, get my straight edge on it I’ll show you, the degree of

the harm alright so we’re, probably taking a gander at the most profound part I, mean we must be taking a gander at least,10 millimetres or so of profundity there so, pretty extreme

truly and the reason of, this video was to simply exhibit another weighing up procedure really, rather than simply propelling in and, smashing it around what I’d like to, demonstrate right now something, else that

is well worth considering when, you’re taking a gander at this sort of harm so, put your hand over the harm and you, notice that simply over the harm we’ve, got this delightful bended

section, the entryway so the entryway kind of lumps out, in this stage was exquisite range coming, down and the entryways bent the other, way too so it’s bent that way then, that way thus

on the off chance that we dissect the curvature here please put your hand over, the bent segment here I mean it’s, applies to any vehicle truly we realize that it will be genuinely

uniform from, this end to help so we’re tracking, down with my hands it’s reasonably uniform, all the route along until it finds a good pace so we have the large dent, there and

simply over the scratch we’ve got, the sweep well the span goes to quite, a point here and a serious sharp twist you, can see that it began to go rusty, along with this territory

what happened is the steel has been bowed cycle an even, harsher edge than it is and it’s, cracked the car paint. So the paint scored along like what is allowed, it to go corroded

so what I’m going to do, to attempt and put some more steel back into, this region is to initially soothe this, crease with a sledge and afterwards we’ll see, what happens that is

gouge thereafter so, what we have to do is assuage this risen, up segment-first no magic no trickery, here so when, as well look looking blows rather, than all-out hits, he’s hit it down

that is all similar to then, let’s view the harm again, so if consistently investigate I’m, going to give this somewhat of cleanup, with some compound alright so the most noticeably awful of, the

the harm which is here has I would, have said that is as a 90% improvement, easily clearly we’ve despite everything got these, more pointed shallow imprints that forgot, to be lifted I yet they’re

minor, compared to what we had before now, that’s practically laying flush now, across the board and that is simply from, hitting the wrinkles along the top here, to cut the steel down so heat

up, the wrinkles in the wrinkles straightened, out they put they pushed strain back, into that board and pop the mark out, from thusly so then fly back up, as the wrinkles are hit down

if, we’ve gone in an attempt to lift first we’d, have simply wound up putting bunches of high, spots in the board right now it, still would have been imprinted I can, guarantee it to

our wrinkle was released, so by discharging that wrinkle first we’ve, avoided all that superfluous extra work, and purchased the majority of the harm out, straight away, another method for portraying how tunnels, can get harmed

am I sort of consider it, like a wave, so the board’s decent and level as it would, be in the typical profile of the panel, and then it gets harmed and it creates, a

wave in the board so we’ll state that, this will be the harmed region so, it pushed that in so as this comes down, you’ll see that this zone here ascents up, and this

is actually what has happened in, this board so this region here this area, here is being had wrinkled in sorry, creased out so this has been scratched into, this pots marked in consequently

pushing in this is this is pushed out and what we’ve done with the board hammer is we’ve knocked the wrinkle back in so we’ve relieved the wrinkle pushing the panel, back right now pressure

in this, area in light of the fact that when this got imprinted in it, moved the material length up into this, area so by tapping the wrinkle in we pop, this backup

and like I state in about, glancing the board or skimming the panel if you go toward the dent, then you’ll control a greater amount of the damaged region once more into the board

and, move the length than of the steel once more into the harmed region which, is discouraged it’s shallow gouge you’ve, lost you’ve lost your separation in there,

because you’ve picked up it up here you’re, relieved you’d then you set some, distance back into this region and it pops, back up and purchase this sort of skimming, glancing activity you can have a more it, has a more, to influence them on the board they’re just, pounding it in a straight line, glancing it can give you a different, effect something you have to attempt and get, a feel for actually’s it’s something, that doesn’t fall into place however and it’s, something that doesn’t generally bode well until you do it and when you do, it you’ll understand thank you very, much for watching trust you delighted in it as, always keep those solicitations coming in I’m, not totally sure what I’m going to be, doing in my next video, it depends presumably what I’ve been doing, over the most recent few weeks because, this video has been short presumably weeks, in advance from you watching it so it, depends what I’m going to come up, against the following hardly any weeks what requests, I get in and I’m certain I can sift through some, more accommodating recordings for you guys, thank you particularly for viewing catch, you next time round bye for now.

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