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Brisbane Car Painting Repairs & Paint Protection

Keep your automobile paint protected against ultraviolet radiation rays and different harmful components. The Tough seal Paint Protection Systems. Our painting protection system uses Nanotech cross-linking acrylic formulation that will keep your car safe and sound. 

The Protection System takes full advantage of the physical property of a hydrophobic film that keeps your automobile paint protected, protective the aesthetic attractiveness and longevity of your automobile paint.

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"Great pricing and easy to deal with. Would recommend K Kustom Refinishers to anybody!"
"Got my car back in 2 days for a really good deal, thanks Kyran :)"
"Highly suggest K Kustoms, their team has made my horribly stressful day much easier"

Benefits of Working With Brisbane's Leading Automotive Painting Experts

Paint Protection

To ensure your vehicle lasts as long as possible well into the future.
We can implement Paint Protection to your car.

High Quality Paint Mixer

Mixing paint is an extremely important step to ensure we achieve the correct look & feel.

Premium Product

More other Spray Painting Companies in Brisbane cannot compete with our pricing or workmanship.

K Kustom Refinishers Services

K Kustom Refinishers have been fixing automotive problems for more than 25+ Years



The investment varies based on the current cars condition. It could also range quite heavily based on. the quality of the paint mix involved. 

Call or enquire today to have us provide a quote at no cost to you. 

On the off chance that you intend to take paint from the vehicle’s bodywork, utilise 1,200-coarseness paper or sanding cushions to rapidly evacuate the unmistakable coat and paint. To stay away from the migraine of attempting to coordinate the paint you need to apply to the current paint on the vehicle, you’ll have to evacuate the groundwork and uncover the exposed metal. The paint on more seasoned vehicles might be inconsistent with present day water based paints and gel coats. Preferable to be protected over grieved – do it right and do it once.

You’ll need to guarantee that no lustrous spots stay on the vehicle’s bodywork, in any case the preliminary and paint won’t stick. It may be a long procedure, however it’s justified, despite all the trouble to get the correct outcomes.

Wet sanding 

On the off chance that the idea of taking sandpaper to your new paintwork appears to be terrifying, dread not! You wouldn’t be the primary amateur to wince at the thought. All things considered, if you follow these tips you will take your paint work from amazing to dynamite. 


A note before you start; ensure your reasonable coat has appropriately relieved. In case you’re a genuine paint work nut – or your best mate is one – you may approach a heating stove, yet on the off chance that you don’t that is fine; Leaving your vehicle in the sweltering Aussie sun for at any rate 24 hours will work.

Utilise a sodden cushion and a cleaning wheel on the compound. Take the cushion for your cleaning haggle it wet utilising clean water. Wring it out so it stays moist, yet not splashing wet. The cushion must remain soggy through the cleaning procedure to abstain from harming your vehicle’s paint.

A dry cushion will consume the reasonable coat on your vehicle.

Keep a pail of clean water or a hose close by all through the cleaning procedure.

Apply scouring compound each body board in turn. Put a moderate measure of cleaning compound on the cushion, at that point transform on the cleaning haggle it into the paint of the vehicle. You may likewise apply the compound legitimately onto the body of the vehicle, at that point carry the polisher to it.

Peruse the guidelines on the particular cleaning compound you bought, as some may have explicit advances you’ll have to take for the best outcome.

When you finish one body board, at that point proceed onward to the following one.

Move the wheel to and fro with consistent weight. It is critical that you keep the cleaning wheel corresponding to whatever body board you are as of now cleaning. Keep up an even measure of weight over the wheel as you move it to and fro along the board you are working on.

Applying consistent, steady weight will decrease odds of harming your paint.

The cleaning wheel will turn, so you need just move it to and fro.

Proceed onward when the brilliant completion of the paint is noticeable. As you clean the paint on the vehicle, the cleaning compound will whirl and smear, at that point gradually vanish, leaving just the splendid sparkle of the paint behind. When you can see the gleaming paint, you can proceed onward to the following zone and proceed polishing.

In contrast to waxing the vehicle, you do no not have to trust that the clean will dry.

Try not to keep on cleaning sparkling paint, as you may dull the completion.

Flush the cushion as important. As you clean the vehicle, the cleaning compound will start to develop on the cushion. Quit cleaning sporadically to flush the compound off of the cushion, at that point wring the cushion out again so it stays sodden and reasonably clean.

When a lot of clean compound on the cushion it will bargain its cleaning capacity.

Make sure to keep the cushion clammy all through the procedure.

Be cautious around perplexing trim pieces. The edge of the cushion on the cleaning wheel moves the quickest and ordinarily comes into contact with the least of the scouring compound, so it represents the greatest danger of consuming the reasonable coat on your paint. Therefore, be amazingly cautious as you buff around trim parts that may come into contact with the edges of the pad.

Take as much time as is needed and abstain from squeezing the edge of the cushion into any piece of the vehicle’s paint.

Be patient and wipe cleaning compound out of scores the cleaning wheel can’t reach.


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