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An automotive accident isn’t fun, either is that the ensuing harm paying for automotive repairs. If you’ve crumpled your bumper, developed deep paint scratches or otherwise broken your car, you will be shocked to get that the automotive repair bill.

Cars these days are safer and obtain far better mileage. However, newer producing technology makes motorcar body repairs plenty dearer and easier to beat up and smash. 

This is why we guarantee the cheapest price in Brisbane to We have your work done.

Nobody wants to find themselves in a car accident. Even a minor one can result in scrapes and dents. Unfortunately, you can discover dents appear in your car even without getting into an accident. Who hasn’t left the shopping centre only to find that someone left an impression of their vehicle on your car door?

Things get really bad when you take your car to the mechanic, and they tell you how much it will cost for you to have it fixed. Even before then, there’s the shame that comes from looking like it was your fault, and you’re no better than a learner who should know better by now.

Modern cars are safer than ever before, but advancements in production technology mean that they are also more expensive to repair when something does go wrong. That’s why we offer the best value for money with our scratch and dent repairs Brisbane. Even if we aren’t the cheapest, you can be sure we’re the best.

Bring your car into our garage today and let us take care of scratch and dent repairs Brisbane for you. We can handle any job, big or small.

Dent Repair

Our dent repair and removal service is often enough to get rid of dents and dings in your car. As long as the dent isn’t too big or deep, we should be able to get it done without a problem. Our dent repair and removal service takes a few hours on average, depending on the size of the problem. Our body shop is conveniently located in Brisbane for anyone looking for repair services. We can also handle other repairs when you bring your vehicle in. Count on us to be your Brisbane mechanics.

Scratch Repairs

Car scratches can present a bigger problem than you might realise. Leaving scratches unattended, especially bigger scratches can do more than just bring down the value and appearance of your car. Scratches are breeding grounds for rust and other problems. Leave a small scratch alone for too long, and it could become an expensive repair job. If you are looking for qualified staff that can take care of blemishes on your car and makes it look good as new, then bring it to us. We make the process as quick and hassle-free as possible so you can get back on the road and on with your day. We have the right tools for the job to ensure a high-quality finish and maintain the pristine look of your body paintwork.

Paint less Dent Removal

Have you had a minor accident and need some minor dent repair? Come to us for paint less dent removal. This service is often cheaper than standard dent removal and can offer better results.

Paint less dent removal is when we remove small dents and bumps using special tools to not affect the paintwork. Whether or not we can do a paint less repair depends on the scale of the damage and whether the paintwork has been damaged or not.

What our Brisbane Scratch & Dent clients say:

"Great pricing and easy to deal with. Would recommend K Kustom Refinishers to anybody!"
"Got my car back in 2 days for a really good deal, thanks Kyran :)"
"Highly suggest K Kustoms, their team has made my horribly stressful day much easier"

Other services we offer include:

K Kustom Refinishers have been fixing automotive problems for more than 25+ Years

frequently Asked questions

FAQ about Auto Dent & Scratch Repairs

Scratch and Dent repairs in Brisbane refers to fixing a scratch or dent on your car, truck, or other vehicles. 

K Kustom Refinishers offers a guaranteed, mobile service that will leave you with a smile on your face, and a wallet not too heavy. 

We offer a 10% price guarantee on all of our services to ensure our client’s are getting quality, and affordable pricing.

Contact your local Scratch and Dent Repair Experts in Brisbane Today!

As with everything, our scratch & dent repair pricing depends on the volume of work involved to ensure it’s back to it’s squeaky clean condition.

A simple job could range from $500-$2,000 (this is simply an estimate and doesn’t reflect the true cost of our service.


Contact us today for a free quote and estimate or call: 0472 534 591

Yes, while there are some minor scratches and dents that can be repaired from home, we always recommend taking your vehicle into our auto shop to ensure your safety into the future. 

According to Angieslist, the price of repairing and fixing a dent can range from $50-$120/inch for a dent (USD in this case).

This being said, your dent repair quote will range heavily based on the colour, severity, size, vehicle make and model and much more. 

We recommend calling us for a custom quote to ensure your pricing estimate is accurate. 

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